Brian Connolly’s works are characterised by etherealism and psychedelia which serve as vehicle’s to explore central themes of inner growth and transformation.

Composites of flow carved lines appear like runes of a long forgotten language of the soul. Through the theme of interconnectedness, Brian explores the way in which we each are linked to one another and to the natural world.

A divinity that plays out before our eyes, inviting us to be constantly surprised as we rediscover aspects of our ‘self’. It is a quest to find inner peace that the artist invites the viewer to join so we might see life from different perspectives.Brian’s expression flows from a childhood deep in the Gold Coast hinterland where solitude led to solace and nature became companion.

Hypersensitive from a young age, the artist used nature as another realm where the challenge of heightened emotion could be disarmed and repurposed. Here the ethereal muses captured in his paintings arise from a melding of human and nature, of the corporeal and the celestial.Besides canvases, fashion, furniture and importantly mural painting have become mediums of interest for the artist.

Keystone mural works commissioned for acclaimed hair and beauty salon Edwards & Co can be seen across Australia. These works have generated media exposure and led to the commissioning of over 30 murals throughout Australia, most recently for the flagship Mecca cosmetics store in the Sydney CBD.

Today the artist resides in Sydney and works out of The Nest Creative Studios in Waterloo. Captivated by the play of water and rock formation he finds an escape of the city rush while simultaneously capturing it in the works, a balance of finding zen in a world of chaos.

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